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Maya & Sage Knowles

// Multi-Instrumentalists

MAYA & SAGE KNOWLES are multi-instrumentalists, singers, music producers, and co-founders of Spirit Singer Productions. Maya and Sage have written and performed spirit healing music worldwide. They are currently bringing that music to video, “Kali Ma- Kanaka Durga” (2013) and “Om Mama” (2014). Their video’s, Sage Knowles and Amrita Cottrell’s “Entering Devachan: Heavenly Music For Healing And Meditation” (2001), Maya’s “Comin’ Home” (2003), Maya & Sage’s “Spirit Of Love: Devotional Chanting And Spiritual Love Songs” (2004), The Mystic JAMMS Band’s “Om Mama Blessing Mantra” (2005), Devotees of Sri Sai Kaleshwar’s “At Baba’s Feet” (2008), and Maya & Sage’s “Mantra Meets Melody” (2009) are all available from Spirit Singer Productions and

Photo: Maya & Sage Knowles


Life can be complicated, not a fairy tale promise of happily ever after. It is often hard won, running in cycles of intense love and heartbreak, and allowing life to bring you to your knees over and over. Within these folds of life, we find endless ways to creatively express. It is our creative expression, and the deep experience of the creative works of others, that brings us back to our feet.

By entering the zone of creativity, we are transported to a place where all things are possible and transformation can happen. New routes are opened to love, empathy, and forgiveness. The products of the creative person express the love, pain, struggle, and victory of life. Art reminds us of how we can not only survive our life lessons, but also learn from them. This is the power of the arts. From our experience we bring personal glimpses of reality and connection. We put that in a form to lift us up and help us remember. The art is then there as a legacy to transmit energy from art’s source beyond time and space.

Art contributes to the world when it comes from seeing the light and seeing the right in life’s growing pains. When we can stir something deep within, we can bravely feel life. We can feel all the ups and downs without getting stuck. We can express life; we can share the raw truth in a creative form that lifts humanity. By expressing what we go through, by capturing the jewel in the deepest pain and the sparks in the greatest joy, by bringing something to the world that is beyond our normal perception, we touch the very magic of life.

A challenging part of the creative life is the need to share and be seen and received and adored. This is certainly a transformative experience, because many artists are never seen or heard, few are adored, and often we crumble from the slightest negative remark about our art. To find the inner strength to create anyway, for the sake of our own life, is key. The less we have to go down to create, the less we need name or fame, the more new levels and heights of love and expansion can be discovered and expressed. This is the next frontier in art: capturing the triumphs of the spirit, in higher love, in higher longing, and bringing that timeless reality into creative form.

“By entering the zone of creativity, we are transported to a place where all things are possible and transformation can happen.”
– Maya & Sage Knowles, Multi-Instrumentalists

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